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Frequently asked questions

You can sign up any time! Yes, any time. Follow the link here to get your personalized quote and enroll in the plan of your choice!

You can find our full provider directory here.

We are currently administering plans in the Austin area. We plan to expand to more cities in Texas in 2020.

If your specialist is not covered and you see them, the service would be covered under out of network benefits (less coverage). However, we are happy to reach out to add them to our provider network! Feel free to your doctors information with us (, and we’ll have our contracting team reach out to them.

We are proud to have St. David’s Healthcare in our provider network. Our members can receive services at all of St. David’s facilities, including their hospitals, emergency care, rehab centers, and outpatient surgery centers.

Decent is administering a health insurance plan for the Texas Freelance Association. In order to qualify for health benefits, members must demonstrate that they are indeed self employed (e.g. business owners, freelancers, or independent/1099 contractors). At this time W2 non-owner workers are not eligible for the plans.

No, we do not determine prices on pre-existing conditions.

All of the plans that Decent administers are categorized as EPOs (Exclusive Provider Organization). This is a hybrid of sorts between an HMO (Health Maintenance Organization), which generally has a small network and no out of network benefits, and a PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) which offers more flexibility on which providers you can see but generally comes with higher premiums. We’ve designed our EPO plans to have the best of both - low premiums with a provider network you’ll love.

You can go to any of our 64,000 in-network pharmacies to pick up a prescription.

Yes, all of these are covered 100% and can be taken care of at your DPC provider's office. We encourage you to get your flu shot or any vaccinations, and we will work directly with your doctor to have them paid for.

At this time Decent does not offer dental, vision, or life.

Yes (with the exception of Dr. Ikbal who sees patients 13 years old and up) and we have many pediatricians in our network.

We’re able to offer more affordable premiums because we’ve built everything from scratch. We don’t have the massive legacy processes and departments of a traditional health insurance company. We’re allowed to offer year round sign-up, and we think it’s a great thing for self-employed people.

If you are traveling and have an emergency Decent will cover you. We will work to get you the best price possible.

Yes. Decent's plan premiums are tax deductible for eligible self-employed people and their families. Consult a tax professional if you need help.

The process is similar to seeing a specialist. You should seek a referral from you virtual Primary Care Provider to see an in-person primary care doctor. Copay or Coinsurance costs for seeing the in-person primary care doctor would apply.